Meet Dina!

Dina is an experienced Lash Professional with over 7 years and hundreds of hours in eyelash application – correction and training.  With over 85+ clients, licensed, certified, NEESA member and LXP certified members, she takes pride in the loyalty of her clients and their referrals.  Dina is an expert in damaged, spares and cancer survivor lashes. She loves a challenge and enjoys to help cancer survivors feel beautiful again.  Her attention to both her client’s needs and detail truly set her apart.

Certified by Minky’s Amelia Menesis, and the innovators of LashDip, Jessica Harley & Gina Mandragon. Dina is also a passionate trainer and consults for struggling lash artist and studios. Creator of the uniquely custom, ProLashPalette which aids in application fundamentals of eyelash extensions she is revolutionizing the lash industry. From L.A. to O.C., Beverly Hills to Newport Beach, she’s worked with beauty industry pioneers. Owner and founder of D’LashCo., and creater of the ProLashPalette, in her words “I don’t just do lashes – this is my art and passion, keeping the integrity of the natural lash & consumer in mind, ALWAYS”.